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Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are leaders identified by the National College as being able to provide exceptional support to schools in need within their specialist areas. SLEs have to apply through the National College and go through a selection, assessment and monitoring process before they are allowed to deliver support to schools. Aspirant SLEs can apply in two rounds each year in May and October.

Affinity TSA has 36 SLEs offering a comprehensive skill set to be deployed across the alliance.

Affinity TSA expect SLE's to undertake 15 days work during the year and provides a £300 bursary to support thier capacity. Schools are reimbursed for the time SLE's spend outside of school.

We have SLE's in the following subject:

TSA Work

  • Initial Teacher Training.
  • NQT programme.
  • Designing and delivering CPD.
  • Leading subject leadership networks.
  • Research and Innovation projects.
  • Supporting TSA wide projects.
  • Inclusion.
  • School to School deployment.

Why Become An Affinity SLE

Affinity TSA currently has 36 Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) is incredibly proud of their ongoing achievements in their specialist areas.

SLEs are at the heart of the principle of a teaching school alliance - leaders who share knowledge and best practice to help other teachers and schools improve. There are many benefits for individuals too, and their schools, to becoming an SLE, including:

  • Opportunities to work independently, to be creative and try out new ideas.
  • Development of coaching and facilitation skills.
  • Opportunity to network with peers.
  • Experience of different school environments.
  • The chance to learn from ideas and approaches used in other schools.
  • Development of skills and knowledge that can benefit their own school.
  • The knowledge that they are helping others to improve and having a positive impact on outcomes for children.

If you are successful and commit to becoming an SLE for Affinity, we expect you to be deployed for up approximately 15 days per year (this is not mandatory but is a guidance time allocation), and Affinity TSA will help your school to allow you to do this through funding your release time and shared staffing arrangements. You will receive support from a lead SLE who will arrange network meetings throughout the year, and you'll attend an extensive range of CPD activity to ensure your skills are always at the leading edge in order to support others.

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