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Affinity is very pleased to offer an extensive range of CPD activities for the academic year of 2016-2017. Should you wish to secure a place on any of our courses our booking system is now online, please click the following link;

In this brochure you will find a range of information about our current programmes and initiatives which we hope you find useful. Training is open to all Affinity teaching school partners for free or at a discounted rate, and bookings from non-partner schools are very welcome too. Please contact the Affinity office if you are not currently a member school or would like any addtional information.

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27th February 2017

East Midlands Primary Wellbeing Conference 2017

Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Education

Following the success of our last 2 years of Behaviour and Wellbeing Conferences, NETS Training has organised the 3rd Primary Wellbeing Conference in partnership with EPIC Psychology and Wellbeing Service, Leicestershire County Council and SLE’s from Teaching School Alliances.

Children and staff in schools today face significant pressure. Whether it’s academic, social, financial or domestic pressure this can take its toll on individuals and become a significant barrier to learning. It is crucial that schools find ways to support their communities to be healthy, happy and to have the best chance of succeeding. Our schools and partners have been working together to create a conference which identifies practical research informed solutions for schools to best support pupil and staff wellbeing. We are delighted to welcome Dr Margot Sunderland as our lead Keynote speaker as well as school and sector based experts who will share their expertise throughout our workshop programme.

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Should you wish to secure a place on the East Midlands Wellbeing Conference our booking system is now online, please click the following link; Click here to bookwhen your place.

East Midlands Primary Mathematics 2017

Following the success of our last 3 years of Maths Conferences, NETS Training has organised the 4th Primary Mathematics Conference in partnership with NCETM, MA, ATM and East Midlands South and West Maths Hubs.

Over the last few years we have focussed on the many changes around teaching mathematics such as embedding the new curriculum and its expectations as well as developing teaching for mastery in Mathematics. This year the focus will be on how to ensure that the subject is engaging and exciting for children.

At the conference held on 02/02/2017 we will place a focus on creating a love for maths and how we can support children to develop a positive mindset for effective learning of mathematics. We are delighted to welcome nationally recognised key note speakers to our event who will share their views and expertise about Mastery, Growth Mindset, Assessment and Intervention. In addition, we have workshops and seminars for delegates to attend throughout the day.

Please find all reources from the day below

Download the 2017 Mathematics Conference Documents

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