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We compile a research newsletter for schools to access and pull together the latest articles, journals and publications which schools will find useful. Please feel free to click on the links below to access these newsletters. In addition we upload the key documents that result from some of our research collaborratives.

Growth Mindset and Metacognition

Affinity TSA formed a collaborative group in October 2016 to start to unpick what was meant by Mindsets and Metacognition with a view to sharing with others how to implement these ideas and concepts in their school.


In 2009 John Hattie published ‘Visible Learning’ which was a product of a huge meta-analysis of research and evidence gathered about the impact of a vast range of concepts, fads and activities had on outcomes for children – what was their impact. In doing so Hattie provided a lens for all schools to look at which of these activities appear to have the biggest impact on children’s learning. The idea being that if schools develop the use of these and focus their efforts on these rather than on areas that appear to have very little impact. Hattie describes metacognition as "higher order thinking, which involves active control over the cognitive process engaged in learning" (2009, p. 188). This covers areas such as: Executive function, Higher-order thinking, Self-regulation and self-directed learning, Mindfulness.

As a result Affinity TSA wanted to explore these areas and allow time for colleagues to explore, understand and evaluate the use of Mindsets and Metacognition in the different school settings. In the rest of the booklet you will NOT find the answer to how to ‘do’ Mindsets and Metacognition. However we hope to guide you and your school through the discussions, observations and evaluations that will allow you and your staff to really understand; what they are? How they may appear? What might happen as a result of introducing them? And ways to evaluate the difference you have made by going on this journey. We have included notes that have come from discussions we have had after ready some key texts. Examples of possible ideas you could try. Some resources you may like to use to help you, your staff and the stakeholders in your school. Our overriding key message from the collaboration group this year is that both Mindsets and Metacognition is about building a culture, an understanding, a shared vision. No one single activity or resource will provide instant results – it isn’t that simple. Start small and grow it; revisit it; review it.

To access our 2016.17 findings and guide click here

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