Health Checks

Health Checks


Affinity TSA provides every member school with an annual health check to help school leaders to have a supported judgment about the performance of their school. The volume and type of support your school receives is determined by the size of your school.

Core Support


Each school is offered access to a session during September led by a supporting consultant and lead Ofsted Inspector looking at their own schools data in the context of the Local and National picture. Affinity TSA asks schools to submit certain data each year so that we can ensure schools who require support receive what they need.

Raise Online

Each school is offered access to a session during November led by a number of NLEs and LLEs to look at their own schools Raise Online data. This session helps schools to identify changes to the format of the report and spot gaps and challenges highlighted by the report.

Teaching & Learning Visit

Each school in the alliance is assigned a support NLE or LLE who will visit their school during the Autumn Term to support with a Teaching and Learning visit. This visit will usually last a full day and record of the visit will be made and shared with the TSA central team. The visit is designed to help schools make secure judgements and therefor plan their school improvement support accurately for the coming year.

National Leader of Education (NLE)

All health support will be conducted by a National Leader of Education (NLE) or a Local Leader of Education (LLE), all of whom have extensive experience of working with and supporting school improvement. All NLEs and LLEs within Affinity Teaching School Alliance have undergone 4 day Ofsted Inspection training. The health check process will be quality assured through the School to School Support working group.

Teaching and Learning health checks may include:

  • Learning walks.
  • Joint lesson observations.
  • Book scrutiny.
  • Policy review.
  • Interviewing children & staff.

This is to be decided with your supporting leaders at the start of the process. The aim is that school can bench mark their data more effectively, have critical FRIEND to review the data and provide a summary for Teaching School Alliance impact.


School Size Equivalent Value of Bespoke S2S Support Teaching & Learning Visit
Small School 1000 1
Medium School 1500 1
Large School 2000 1

Further Support

Schools may wish to broker further support from their NLE or through the teaching school utilising the SLE network.


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