Primary National Curriculum Resource

Primary National Curriculum Resource 2014

Affinity Teaching School Alliance are delighted to share our new Primary Curriculum Resource for schools to use. This project was funded by NCTL to support the work of our Alliance and we are happy to share this with you now it is complete.

Primary National Curriculum 2014

The National Curriculum 2014, as well as setting out to achieve high standards and to ensure that children are taught the essential knowledge in the key subject disciplines, aims to give greater freedom to teachers to use their professionalism and expertise to help children to reach their potential. A curriculum change is an ideal opportunity for leaders in education to innovate and challenge thinking to provide a stimulating and engaging curriculum. With this in mind, Affinity Teaching School Alliance has produced a National Curriculum document to help support schools with this.

The National Curriculum should only form one part of a school’s curriculum and therefore schools have the freedom to design a curriculum that is tailored to its children’s needs by including other subjects and topics where appropriate. This should be a curriculum that prepares children well for later life and ensures that there are no barriers to every child achieving.

This document sets out the National Curriculum year by year, along with additional notes, enabling teachers to see links between subjects. This should assist teachers in developing essential Mathematical and Literacy skills throughout the different subject areas and give a real purpose to learning. However, it is important for subject leaders in each school to make decisions about coverage in each year group to provide progression in skills and to make organisational decisions about what is best for individual circumstances.

Schools should also note that they are required to teach Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health and Economic Education as part of their programme of study although it is not included in this document. When schools have made decisions about the content of their own curriculum, it should be published online by subject and year group.

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